An Ethics of Sanity

2005to122006 (165)(2)An Ethics of Sanity is a political essay by Sid Prise, available from Chipmunka Publishing.  The work analyzes the insanity of world civilization, pointing out how delusions such as racism, sexism, homophobia, regionalism, ableism, speciesism, and the slavery to the beauty standard all stem from a “schizophrenic dissociation” of the individual from others and from the self.

The madness of “sane society is paralleled by Sid’s own diagnosable madness, which he uses to illustrate the dynamics of the dissociation, and then suggests possible treatments for society’s illness.

Part analysis, part history, part personal narrative, An Ethics of Sanity offers insight from the madness of one individual, driven mad by a mad society.

To purchase An Ethics of Sanity, click this link:

Then enter “A” into the search engine, and find the paperback as the 6th title on page 7.


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