Re-Narrative Therapy

Sid Prise has been a diagnosed schizophrenic since the fall of 1997, and has tried medications, talk-therapy, dietary and herbal treatments, acupuncture, and the cautious use of psychedelics to achieve better health.  But the one method that has proven crucial involves the “myth” that Sid lives–a combination of his schizophrenic’s father’s early encouragement of paranoid thinking, and the politics Sid has developed over his years.

The “myth,” or narrative Sid has lived in had to be changed–fundamentally.  And the “re-narrativizing” of his life has brought him greater health, and allowed him to share his insights with others.  He has embarked on a mission to show others who struggle with poisonous madness narratives how to retell their story to themselves–and find freedom, even joy, in what previously has been only torture.

The essay An Ethics of Sanity, published by Chipmunka Publishing in the UK, details some of Sid’s battles with his narrative.  His fiction, both with Chipmunka and his self-published fantasy series, Twilight of the Gods, was a key method by which he retold his madness story–to himself, and to the rest of the world.

Sid plans to publish a book on Re-Narrative Therapy with Chipmunka sometime in the next year.


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